Keeping culture alive

One thing that makes this world a beautiful place are the many colors and characters of different cultures. And one of the best ways to discover and embrace different cultures is through travel and an Ethnotek bag.

Ethnotek is the brainchild of Jake Orak, founder of Ethnotek bags.It was on a 10 day motorbike trip around the northern highlands of Vietnam and interacting with the indigenous Hmong hill tribe that inspired the idea of combining the beautiful textiles created by these tribes with a functional bag._MG_1957




One of the unique features about an Ethnotek bag is customization. 1 bag, several looks. Removable front panels called a Thread™. These are the handmade textiles, sourced and purchased directly from artisans or villages from countries such as India, Vietnam, Guatemala and many more.

That’s what I love about Ethnotek. Its guiding principals of fair trade with village artisans while showcasing their unique cultural heritage to the world with each bag sold. Truly a celebration of cultural diversity. Definitely a tribe you wanna be a part of!

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So my friends. Travel.

Open your eyes to new sights, new people and new cultures.

Travel. Simply because you can and because you owe it to yourself to live your life to the fullest.

Ethnotek Bags available in various sizes and styles @


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