Ramadhan Sale!

All this month, don’t forget to check out Oribags.com for one of our best sales yet! We’ve pulled our partners together, wrestled some numbers and managed to even offer discounts of up to 60% on selected brands.



One of the best names in outdoor and travel gear. With years of pioneering research and development, Deuter has a backpack for any sport. So whether you are planning a mountain climbing expedition or a solo backpacking trip around Europe, Deuter has a bag for you. To customize things further, Deuter bags have designs for both men and women. So if you’re a female traveler, you won’t need to worry about over-sized shoulder straps or having a frame that is too broad for you. Let’s not forget a large variety of sizes and accessories to make your trip a convenient and enjoyable one.

Check out full range of DEUTER:



If we could choose two words to describe Case Logic, it would be SMART and MINIMALIST. With over 30 years of innovation, this is one carry brand that is created by users for users. No frills. All smarts and functionality. Choose from laptop sleeves, backpacks to technical DSLR holsters. You can also choose from it’s less-seriously range of color pops!

Check out full collection of Case Logic.

Case Logic Banner


Young, trendy and functional. We love Doughnut’s carefree design and approach to carry culture. Its inexpensive, making it very affordable to carry a few designs to make a fashion statement. One of Doughnut’s best-sellers at Oribags would be the Macaroon Backpack Collection. Super trendy, ultra light yet made from highly durable material. Most Doughnut Backpacks come equipped with laptop compartments. Ideal for the classroom, a casual weekend out and even for an outdoor getaway.

Enjoy sweet discounts of up to 20% on Doughnut Bags



This is one tribe you want to be a part of. ETHNOTEK – inspired by the idea of merging unique tribal textile with a functional backpack. One of the unique features about an Ethnotek bag is customization. 1 bag, several looks. Removable front panels called a Thread™. These are the handmade textiles, sourced and purchased directly from artisans or villages from countries such as India, Vietnam, Guatemala and many more.

That’s what we love about Ethnotek. Its guiding principals of fair trade with village artisans while showcasing their unique cultural heritage to the world with each bag sold. Truly a celebration of cultural diversity.

Check out Ethnotek Bags available in various sizes and style.



We couldn’t believe the following this brand had when we first acquired it. What started out as just a thing of boredom with a pair of shoelaces turned out to be a statement accessory. A Rastaclat bracelet is a symbol of righteousness, of doing good for yourself and others. The believe that positive action can change lives, inspire confidence, and unite us as human beings. You’d definitely want to make a statement with this one.

Get your Rastaclat now

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