Hi-Tech what?!

What comes to mind when you hear the words “German Engineering” – you think cars, electronics…how about wallets?

Introducing Tru Virtu – We chanced upon this brand many years ago. Back then we were already amazed by its cool aluminium design and features. Years later, we decided that this brand was just way too cool to not to be in the house of Oribags.

As we enter an era where the payment gateway becomes more cash-less and the power of swiping a plastic card trumps all, we leave ourselves vulnerable to a new kind of theft called Personal Data Theft. You think your cards are safe in your wallet? Think again. Your credit card and banking details could easily be obtained or downloaded with an illegal card reader. The perpetrator just needs to be standing close enough to you for the card reader to pick up your personal details locked in your cards.

Thus the inspiration. A need gives rise to a solution called TRU VIRTU.

Though the guiding philosophy behind all its products is safety and protection, you can be sure that this minimalist wallet is one that will impress in terms of style and fashion.



Designed to be compact and super cool, TRU VIRTU Wallets are made to be functional with designated compartments to store cash, cards and even coins; whatever your need. They are also made durable and lightweight with anodized aluminium. It’s engineered with RFID-protection to ward off any data card readers and protects the safety of your most important personal details. Now that’s what we call a HI-TECH Wallet.

We will be doing a review on each TRU VIRTU Wallet very soon. So stay tuned! Protect your personal data and get yourself a TRU VIRTU wallet today.

Tru Virtu is now available on Oribags.com!

Available in 5 wallet styles with multiple colors. Shop Tru Virtu at Oribags now!




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