Unboxing: Tru Virtu, Cash & Cards wallet

Hey, what’s up guys! In this blog, we are going to be unboxing and reviewing the Tru Virtu Cash & Cards Aluminium Wallet – Silk Line.

Now, if you are not familiar with TRU VIRTU and what’s so amazing about this product, you can check out the blog I wrote about TRU VIRTU just a while back. Check out that blog here: Hi-Tech what?!

All Tru Virtu wallets come packaged in a cool, neatly packed box like this (image below). You get this feeling of excitement when you first receive it. Looks really awesome as a gift because it’s just cool that way. LOL!


So once you’ve unboxed it, one of the first words that come to mind to describe my first touch experience with it is…SLEEK. Sleek in design and sleek in feel. It’s got this chrome-ish cool factor to it thanks to its aluminium body and a super smooth feel. I love that they used the Tru Virtu emblem instead of the full logo on the wallet.

All Tru Virtu Wallets are engineered in Germany with patented designs and equipped with RFID-Protection to ensure the safety of our most important personal data.


The Cash & Cards wallet is the first aluminium wallet with integrated card and coin compartments. The patented storage system offers separate areas for CASH and CARDS – easy to open at the push of a button.


The Cash & Cards Wallet would fit snugly in a man’s hands. I have small lady-hands, so it’ll look a little chunky in my hands. The color of the model that I’m featuring in the photo is called Silver Arrow.

In the card compartment, you will find two cards from Tru Virtu. One is the Certificate of Authenticity and Warranty. The other is more like an instruction card that briefly explains to you the functions of this wallet. (Refer to the photo above)

The cards slot can hold up to about 5-6 credit cards. This really depends on the thickness of your cards and also embossment as well. There’s also an additional space for business cards, receipts or 2 other cards. Again, the whole idea with a minimalist wallet is to go minimal, so you should be thinking about carrying only your essentials.

One of the many things about down-sizing your wallet (for some at least) to a minimalist one is that you would no longer have space to house coins and you would then have to deal with the annoying situation of keeping your change in your pocket. But not with this wallet.

The cash-compartment comes with slide-function for coin storage. All you need to do is to gently tilt the wallet and the coins will come sliding out. There’s also a stainless steel slot that can hold up to 6 banknotes. These banknotes need to be folded (at least a 3 fold) to fit into the slot. I tried it with our Malaysian Ringgit notes and it fits perfectly. To make it easier to fit, just make sure that you make a crisp fold.



Overall, I find this wallet really functional . Fits all your essential cards, some cash, some lose change, business cards and receipts. Perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go, business travels or someone looking to adopt a minimalist life (which is kinda the in thing right now.)

Available in 5 colors: Black Magic, Silver Arrow, Red Pepper, Taupe Rock and Grey

Protect your personal data and get your Tru Virtu Wallet @ Oribags today!



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