Bringing the beat back


If you are one of the many people who aren’t fans of the conventional headsets/ear sets because one…headsets messes up your hair and you could even work up a sweat in this blinking weather just by wearing one. And two…loooong cables. How many times have you accidentally tugged on the cables with your hands while running? Or walked away with your phone plugged on only to have it fall off the table?

You can now say goodbye to these long cables and say hello to one of the smallest wireless Bluetooth earbuds in town. Introducing the BackBeat Go 3 by Plantronics.


BBGo3 charging Bagsology
Snap open the charging cap

There are actually two sets BackBeat Go 3 (Let’s call it BB Go 3) retailing, and the only difference between the two is that one set includes a storage pouch that doubles as a portable battery charger – the standard version with just the earbuds retails at RM449, the set with the charging pouch retails at RM499.

Each BB Go 3 set comes equipped with Earbuds with Microphone, Micro USB Charge Cable, Eartips in S, M, L sizes and fit stabilizers.


Comparebackbeat-go-3-black-crossd to its earlier version, the BackBeat Go 3 looks sleeker and very chic with its blue or copper accents on the ear piece. I personally love the copper accents on this model.

The BB Go 3 is designed with nano-coating that can withstand sweat, humidity and rain. Perfect for urbanites in our typical Malaysian weather and ideal for gym goers.

Another cool feature when you turn the device on is a voice telling you that you are connected and how many hours of listening time you have left just by clicking on the + or – buttons.




Music should set you free, not tie you down. Escape the tug of corded earbuds and skip tracks, adjust volume, and activate Siri, Google Now,  without touching your phone. You can even take a call and return to your music in seconds.


When I connected my BackBeat Go 3 to my iPhone 6 Plus for the first time, it was easy. I just turned on the Bluetooth on my iPhone and it could detect my BB Go 3 easily. Shortly after, I tried connecting to a different iPhone but somehow the BB Go could not be detected. Not to worry. It’s not a product problem but a user problem. haha!

BBGo3 Bagsology

If you are planning to connect to another device, it’s really simple. Turn off your BB Go 3 (you’ll hear a sexy voice saying “Power Off”) by long pressing the main button then turn it back on again by holding the main button until you see a red and blue light blinking on the ear piece. That signals that it is ready to be detected and paired. Go back to your device, turn on Bluetooth and pair. Easy!


The BackBeat GO 3 redefined the standard of wireless earbuds. You can experience your favorite music like never before. Custom speakers and audio codec deliver the micro-detail that’s been hiding in your favorite songs, revitalizing them just as the artist or recording studio intended for the music to sound. Imagine the clarity of all the instruments in an orchestra from a classical number or the crisp sound of that guitar playing from favorite YouTube acoustic band.BBGo3 FreeWear Bagsology

Not only that,  Plantronics has 3D-mapped the human ear to create comfort-fit earbuds that stay put. Each set comes with S, M, L ear tips so you can choose one that fits your ear best. When you wear your BB Go 3, make sure it fits comfortably in your ears and check that the fit wings are tucked in your ears.


Sealing in sound and blocking out noise, the stable, comfort-fit earbuds stay put even when you don’t. With up to six and a half hours of non-stop listening, sweatproof coating, and a portable charging case (select models), you can keep the music going, wherever your day takes you.

Just a safety note. The BackBeat Go 3 is not designed to be used for outdoor exercise because of its noise cancelling features. If you’re planning to take your workout outdoors its important to be aware of your surroundings for your own safety.

Overall, I am definitely a fan of the BackBeat Go 3 for the way it wears and for how it sounds. In my opinion, I think it could use a little more bass in its sound quality. But I think what I really enjoy most of all, is the freedom it provides. I listen to music whenever I work and I absolutely love being able to walk around my work space (up to 10 meters) with music still in my ears and I don’t need to bother myself with removing or putting on my earsets again. I would personally recommend getting the charging case because I like keeping my things organized. I can neatly store my BB Go3 in the case and not have to worry about losing my charge cable.


The BackBeat Go 3 is now available at

Check out Plantronics at Shop Now!


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