TRU VIRTU®, Papers & Cards


Parking receipts. Restaurant receipts. Petrol receipts. Book receipts. Hands up if your wallet is always packed with receipts that they actually stick out of your wallet sometimes? (Shamefully raises hand)

It gets especially annoying when you are travelling for work and the receipts start to pile up because you need them to process your T&E Claim. Before you know it, your wallet is so messy that you end up mistakenly handing over receipts to the cashier instead of money. #truestory LOL!

Well, there’s a handy solution for you especially if you travel a lot and you need room for those pesky receipts and a whole bunch of cards.

Introducing, PAPER & CARDS Wallet by TRU VIRTU®

Tru Virtu Paper & Cards (1) The model that we are reviewing today is the Paper and Cards Wallet (Silk Line) in Black Magic. This wallet is the largest of the TRU VIRTU® family. Fully aluminium, expect a sleek matte look and satin-finish from the Silk Line.

TRU VIRTU® Wallets are known to be one of the first aluminium wallets in the world with a patented two compartment system. With the Paper and Cards Wallets, there is more room to get yourself organized with separate compartments that allow you to securely store documents, business cards, ID-Cards, driver’s license and credit cards. It is the only two compartment aluminium wallet that allows room for up to 16 cards/credit cards. 16 cards is really just a general figure. The number may differ depending on the thickness of your cards and embossment. Perfect for business travelers or for anyone who like to have everything on hand.

Combined with anodized aluminium and high quality polymers, all TRU VIRTU® products are extremely robust but lightweight and protect your cards from:

Illegal scanning of personal data (RFID-scanning)
Demagnetisation (electromagnetic radiation)
Nature’s elements like water, sand, snow or mechanical load

(Note. It’s not waterproof. Please don’t go swimming in it.)

Paper & Cards compartments


Clearly labelled “Papers” and “Cards” the wallet is easily accessed with just a push of a button. The Papers compartment opens to a flexible fan with 4 slots for papers, receipts, cash…etc. As you can see, I’ve tested out the slots with some receipts, a discount coupon and some sample notes. I personally find it a little clumsy to access my notes (money) especially when the slots require my notes to be folded. I much prefer to access my money the conventional way. But that’s just me.

Generally, I find that its so much more organized than stuffing all your receipts into one compartment in your conventional wallet. The funny thing is, receipts come in various sizes, so some may stick out of my wallet a little and they end up getting caught in my wallet zipper! Happens all the time especially when I’m in a hurry and I don’t place them neatly in my wallet. So having 4 separate slots to organize your papers is great.

Paper & Cards compartment (Cards).pngCARDS COMPARTMENT

Ideal for those who cannot leave home without at least 10 or more essential cards. We’re talking about credit cards, bank cards, ID, driver’s license, discount cards, loyalty cards and the list goes on and on!

The Cards compartment comes with two storage systems for cards – fits up 5 credit cards each side and a large shelf for whatever else you want to carry along really.

Overall, I think this wallet is very suitable for people who need to have everything with them (great for ladies I feel). Even with its large capacity, it is still quite comfortable for guys to slip this wallet into their pockets. For ladies, this wallet could be an extension of your purse where all your discount and loyalty cards can be stored.

TRU VIRTU® Papers and Cards Wallet is available in 5 different colors.

Shop for TRU VIRTU® now at



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