Stay ahead of thieves with Pacsafe®

How many times have we watched videos on our Facebook news feeds of robberies and snatch-thieves? One too many times really (especially on Whatssap family chatrooms). Times are bad and these days it pays to be vigilant while we are going about our daily lives. Whether you are travelling locally or to foreign country, one of the things we worry about most is keeping our gear safe.


Introducing Pacsafe® with Smart Anti-Theft Technology that keeps you ahead of the game. What I love about Pacsafe® is their guiding philosophy.

At the heart of every innovative Pacsafe® product is one clear purpose. To watch your back while you travel so that you can focus on having fun and doing more. We help keep you one step ahead of the game by keeping your gear secure from opportunist thieves.

Being a frequent traveler, I sometimes find myself in situations where I need to be extra careful with my belongings. At the beach, you can’t possibly have your belongings with you while you take a dip or when you’re at a busy flea market, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of retail therapy and not notice a pick-pocket or a bag slasher and I absolutely do not enjoy wearing my bag in front.

Pacsafe® is definitely a brand that is created by travelers for travelers. Established in 1998 by 2 Aussie friends who had sailed most of the world’s oceans and clocked up visits to more than 80 countries around the world. Their travel experiences have taught them a great deal about travel security and inspired them to create their eXomesh® anti-theft technology. So you can be sure that whatever product you buy from Pacsafe® is secured with eXomesh®.

With a wide collection of products ranging for waist pouches to backpacks to cross body packs, each Pacsafe® product is highlighted with their own security feature. Some of their most common security features include:

12345I love that some models come with 360° eXomesh®locking system. A patented, flexible, stainless steel wire mesh that allows you to lock your belongings safely while you relax or have fun.


Even though the products are tough on security and stand up to the rigors of travel, they’re designs are simple and stylish.

So there you have it. A brand that is determined to be a traveler’s best friend. Allowing you more fun, less worry when you travel. Definitely worth getting if you want some peace of mind while you travel or if you’re out and about all the time.

Check out Pacsafe® at 


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