Why we all need a “Go Bag” & where would you go?

I was just reading a blog and chanced upon the idea of a “Go Bag”. A “Go Bag”is basically your ever-ready, get up and go bag. I asked myself this.

“When was the last time you did anything spontaneous?” And I’m not talking about spontaneously deciding where to go for lunch. I thought long and hard and could barely remember the last time I acted on a whim.

You have to admit. We, humans, tend to become creatures of habit, caught in a hamster’s wheel that keeps us constantly on the go, but going no where. So, wouldn’t it be nice to leave the wheel and go on an adventure? 

This is why we all need to get ourselves a “Go Bag”. Put it in the back seat of your car or in your trunk, and one fine day, on a whim, pursue your wanderlust.


So, let me ask you this….

Have you gone on a spontaneous adventure? Would you want to?

Where would you go? (Kite Surfing on the waters of Terengganu, plough through the streets of Vietnam on a bike, hitch hike Europe, experience New Zealand…? Go wild with your imagination.)

And if you had a “Go Bag” which you can just grab and go, what would you have in it?

Camera, your favorite ear phones, sketch pad, clothes, scarf, skin care, sneakers…

Tell us.





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  1. Ling says:

    If I wasn’t staying anywhere overnight and was just exploring somewhere spontaneously for the day, my “go bag” would include: camera, prime lens, kit lens, extra camera battery, extra memory card, phone, external battery pack, pens, ear buds, water bottle, umbrella and Nintendo 3DS console.

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    1. Tjinny says:

      That last one caught me by surprise. A Nintendo?! But I guess that’s what a “Go Bag” is about anyway. Spontaneity, and bringing whatever you want.


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