And then, there was WHITE!


I am super stoked to be reviewing not only a classic but a limited edition as well. We couldn’t be happier when we received the reply from our friends at ACTUALLY Singapore that they would like to celebrate the launch of Bagsology by offering us the Classic Kånken in a limited edition White for review and for sale on making us the exclusive in Malaysia!

Straight backs are happy backs. Kånken was launched in 1978 to spare the backs of school children.

Years ago, when shoulder bags were the more popular way to carry, the country (Sweden) saw an increase in back problems among school children. Books were aplenty, and bags, were aheavy (I guess. LOL!). The brand Fjällräven (which means Artic Fox in Swedish) created the Kånken to help school children carry better. To straighten out their backs with 2 shoulder straps that evenly distributed the weight of the backpack. With a clean look and simple design, the Kånken soon became popular and a classic even till today.


This Limited Edition White Kånken Classic is the same size and features as the other Kånken Classics. Made out of durable but lightweight Vinylon fabric, the Kånken in White sports two side pockets and a zippered pocket in the front.

The front zipper pocket is handy for quick-reach accessories like your mobile phone, sunnies and a pair of earphones. In my review, I tried fitting my iPhone 6 Plus in to the front pocket and it was a little bit of a tight squeeze but still ok. If you have the regular sized iPhone, then it would be perfect. Better to fit your more valuable accessories in the front pocket because it has a zipper for added security.

Side pockets are great for other accessories like a mini umbrella, pencil case or a standard size water bottle.

The main compartment with a large front load opening.

The main compartment with a large front load opening makes it easy to access your belongings. A large opening  is really convenient especially when I’m out an about with bulkier things like my camera, sketchbook or a cardigan and I need to access these things frequently. I just need to prop my Kånken on the table or on my lap, Zzzzzziiiiiiiip and voila! I can see everything!

You will also notice that inside every Kånken (in fact, inside every Fjällräven bag) is a tag for you to claim ownership of your bag.

I really do not recommend fitting a laptop inside a Kånken Classic simply because this bag is not designed for that purpose. You have the Kånken Laptop bag with padded shoulder straps for that.


One other thing you may not know….inside every Kanken bag you’ll find a grey padding that’s removable. Some people think its for back support but in reality, it a padding for you to sit on! The Kanken Classic was a school bag and the padding is there so that school kids can use it to sit on the floor! Now…you…know.

Probably my only concern about the Kånken in White would be my mad obsession with keeping it in its pristine white condition! =,= That’s gonna

The Kanken Classic in White with my everyday to-work essentials

So, there you have it. My take on the Fjallraven Kånken Classic in Limited Edition White.

The Kånken Classic is a great everyday backpack you can bring for outings, trip to the mall or simply as a fashion statement piece.  But I guess one of the great things about a Kånken bag would be that it’ll look and carry better with time. Every mark, stained from a memory or life experience. Each use, seasoned with character that is uniquely yours. is the only authorized re-seller in Malaysia to be allocated 20 precious pieces of this Limited Edition Kånken in White, so for those of you who are Fjallraven Kånken fans, you better act fast before we run out of stock because 20 pieces is really ALL we have.






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