5 ways to snap out of Monday blues

I get it. I’ve been there. Its like you feel a sudden gloom right about 5pm on Sunday evening. At one point of my life, the only part of the weekend I enjoyed was waking up on Saturday morning to that euphoric feeling that at that very moment, I didn’t need to have anything to do with work. Then by Sunday evening, the blues…they came knockin’. I know you feel me.

But like it or not, I knew that something had to change and if changing your job is not really an option then your best bet is to start with yourself.

1. Get Organized

I started to spend about an hour every Sunday planning my week ahead. Yes I know that’s pretty much working on a Sunday, but hey, no point fighting the fact that Monday is gonna come. Might as well prepare for it right? Its just getting yourself organized so that you can hit the ground running come Monday. I usually prepare my checklist for Monday and for the week, review my appointments, plan my meetings and quickly draft any outstanding emails. Trust me, do this and you’ll feel more like you have it together. You can always plan for Monday on a Friday or Saturday, whatever works best for you.

2. Early to bed. Early to rise. 

This one is tough. I know. If you’re not an early riser, the thought of a 5am morning call can send you packing. But sometimes you just need a change from your mundane lifestyle. Besides, when you wake up early, you don’t rush. You make time for a nice shower, some breakfast and even slot in a 30min workout. Let’s face it. How many times have you jumped out of bed and headed straight to work without breakfast because you’re 15mins behind? One too many times I think. So, it’s worth giving it a try. Get to bed early, get enough sleep and get up early to take on the world. Some of the most successful people in the world are early risers!

3. Exercise

If you have been neglecting time at the gym, its time get to get your ass back in there. Exercise is good for you. Not just physically but mentally as well. If you don’t trust your own discipline, then get someone to motivate you. Workout with a friend, hire a Personal Trainer or join a class! There are loads of classes available at the gym. I find joining a class very effective and it keeps me motivated. Once the class is over, I feel good about myself. If you don’t gym, then run, swim, cycle…etc. As long as you set as good workout routine before or after office hours and Mondays are great workout days.

4. Set Your Mind Straight

In order to get into this postive head-space, I started meditating (chanting) consistently. Sometimes, when you’ve exhausted all your strategies to make things work, you need to reel yourself in and set your mind straight. Stress can overwhelm you like a great big storm cloud and it’s hard to remain positive. You just need to let it roll by. It is what it is. An emotion. Chanting helped me clear the fog. Times like this, its good to take a moment to breathe. Find somewhere peaceful to meditate, to pray, to set your mind straight.

5. Give yourself something to look forward to

Plan a romantic date with your spouse. If you’re the outdoorsy type, sign up for a marathon or go hiking. If you’re the creative type, why not attend a workshop. There are loads of cool workshops you can attend these days (pottery, lettering, painting, bag making…etc). I joined a Lettering Workshop last month and it was super fun. Point is, i was looking forward to it for a whole month. Planning something not only makes your weekend awesome, but at least come Monday, it gives you something to look forward to.


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