Worst Flying Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Travelling has become a staple for every millennial who seek self-enlightenment and a better understanding of the world in which they live in. Even if globalization has eased the process of domestic and international explorations, there are still a lot of amateur and seasoned travelers who would make these common flying mistakes.

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Going with The Flow

This ideology can be great when applied in any other circumstances. However, when it comes to travelling, being unprepared is one of the worst things a traveler can ever do. Do a thorough and extensive research on flight route, accommodation, transport, local cultures, food, and difference in currency when travelling overseas.

Also, for international travels, one of the most important things you must do prior to your trip is to check the visa requirements. Unless your passport is one of the most powerful in the world, it’s highly likely that you need to carry some sort of visa to enter a foreign country. Don’t make the mistake of leaving it all to mere luck because chances are, you’ll be rejected at customs and stranded at the airport with half of your travel budget gone.

Too Many Carry-On


There are a couple of ways to solve this issue: by limiting the items you bring or by upgrading your luggage to a bigger size. There’s no point in carrying two or three carry-on bags when you can fit most of your belongings in the main luggage and a backpack. Invest in a carry-on bag that can fit many items at once, especially if you’re planning to backpack across countries. We’re talking about bags such as Thule’s Subterra 40L Carry-On Luggage that would be able to meet the all airline’s carry-on requirements and meeting your needs at the same time.


You might also want to think about how heavy your bags will be as you would have to lift it constantly. If you still can’t solve the whole debacle, then it’s time to rethink and re-pack what you’re bringing with you on your trip.

Holding Your Passport in Hand

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It’s quite easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the airport. Considering the amount of security checkpoints one has to go through, it’s better to keep all your crucial belongings safe in your travel wallet or carry-on bag. Avoid losing your passport or other forms of identification by placing it in a designated wallet or pouch as it’s never recommended to carry around important documents out in the open.

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With travelling pouches and wallets such as Bellroy Travel Wallet, you can ensure the safety of vital items like credit card, passport or driver’s license, several notes of cash for emergencies, and other types of paperwork you need show when you go through customs.

Not Having RFID Wallets

This is not something you must own for travelling but it is highly recommended in order to protect your identity. Radio-Frequency Identification, or RFID-blocking wallets and pouches contain a special chip that will protect your credit cards, passports, and other identifications from electronic pickpocketing or RFID skimming. If you happen to be travelling in incognito mode, perhaps using RFID-blocking wallets such as the Stockholm V2 Aluminium Wallet by Ogon Designs, is best because it helps conceal and guard your personal details from hackers and identity thieves. Even if you’re not a special agent on an international mission, do consider RFID wallets and pouches for a save trip away from electronic criminals.

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Dressing to Impress

It doesn’t matter if you’re only going for a short, domestic flight or a 20-something-hour flight to the other side of the globe, you still need to dress comfortably either way. Imagine the worst-case scenario where you have to run around the airport due to a logistics error or your gate’s been changed. You don’t want to miss your flight just because you’re wearing some Louboutin stilettos or an uncomfortable pair of oxfords you haven’t broken in yet. If it’s imperative for you to dress smartly for work-related purposes, keep an extra pair of slippers or flats in your carry on.

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Be a Theft Magnet

It might be tempting to parade your branded luggage around when travelling but in doing so, you’re attracting unwanted attention from thieves and pickpockets as well. Unless you’ve been featured on the cover of a gossip magazine or have your own reality show, nobody will care about what materialistic things you’re bringing on your flight. Those who will definitely be paying attention to you will probably be people eyeing your designer and luxury suitcases. Instead, try to find something that’s both stylish and functional. There is a myriad of backpacks, sling bags, and totes specifically meant for travelling that can also be a jetsetter’s fashion statement.

Taking Your Sweet Time

One of the golden rules of flying is to arrive at the airport at least two hours before your departure time. This is so you can calmly face unanticipated events like cancelled flights, changes in gates, a long check-in queue, and traffic jams while en-route to the airport. Take advantage of your flight carrier’s online check-in feature so you can skip the long line at the airport. Be that as it may, still spare a couple of hours before your flight so you can exchange currencies, have a proper meal, shop for souvenirs, and most importantly, use the bathroom.

Not Double-Checking

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Seasoned travelers are never excused from this step. Forgetting an essential item when you’re far away from home is something all global explorers should want to avoid. If it makes it easier for you, create a list on what to pack in your main luggage and in your carry-on, paperwork and other documents, itineraries, and so on. Double, and triple, check your list one day before your flight and before you leave your home on the day itself.

Hopefully, with these tips you will avoid making some of the worst flying mistakes that could happen to any adventurer. Remember that the purpose of your trip, aside to settle international merger deals and such, is to help us forgo the materialistic temptations this world heavily offers. The less you bring with you and the less attention you pay to glamour, the better your flight and journey will be.

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This article was written by Febriani Ramadhanya from iPrice Group.

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