Deliciously Doughnut

Today we are going to be showing you the ins and outs of this deliciously adorable bag by Doughnut bags.

The Brand

Established in 2007, Doughnut started making backpacks, bags accessories and other travel essentials. ‘Integrating fashion and functionality’ are hallmarks of Doughnut and these factors are key in ensuring that every Doughnut product is consistently of the utmost quality, reasonably priced and unique from what is commonly found out there.

We are super stoked to be given the Doughnut Macaroon in Ivory for this review.


Compartments! Compartments!

Let’s face it. Compartments are great. Who doesn’t like compartments?! It keeps your carry-on organized and there’s a place for everything. This backpack has a total of 11 compartments! There’s a designated compartment for a 13″ laptop / tablet, an exterior pocket for quick access items, an accessories organizer inside the bag and side pockets that are available both inside and outside of the bag… perfect for water bottle, small umbrellas…etc.

11 compartments with a roomy main compartment
These side pockets on the side of the bag were a real surprise. Totally unexpected.
A roomy exterior pocket allows to keep quick access items like your sunglasses, hand cream, tissue packs or candy.

Roomy Main Compartment

Another great thing about this backpack is despite it’s compact look, the main compartment is actually really roomy. Another added plus…the bag opens up in a semi luggage bag style allowing you to access your belongings easily.



Because of it’s roomy interior and the many compartments, this backpack can be used in many different ways. For students, this bag makes a great backpack to carry on your books, stationary and a laptop. For families, the many compartments makes this backpack ideal as a diaper bag to store all of baby’s going out essentials with room for milk bottles and water bottles. If you’re planning an overnight stay-cation, this backpack is spacious enough to pack for a day’s attire with room for toiletries and makeup! The list could go on!

Made with high quality material

Besides it being a fashionable yet affordable bag, Doughnut definitely did not compromise on quality. The bag is made from high quality, water repellent fabric from Korea, and the trimmings are made from 100% leather.


Dual Carry Option

The backpack also allows a dual carry option. Firstly, there’s the backpack style carry where the adjustable shoulder straps are nicely padded to provide carry comfort, then there’s a handle with a buckle for the hand-carry option.



These days the market is just flooded with counterfeit products. The worst part is most of these merchandise are exploited from the same factories that make them, making it very difficult to tell the authenticity of a bag.

To curb this problem , Doughnut has taken the initiative to produce a security label to help ensure that your Doughnut bag is authentic. Each security label comes with a unique security code. Upon scanning the QR code, you should be able to match the security code to your product online. Brilliant!


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