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Today’s blog will feature a new brand that’s taken bold strides to enter the arena of carry. Introducing bag brand, Silverback goods from Melbourne, Australia. The name Silverback was inspired by the poise, intelligence and strength displayed by Silverback gorillas.

Today we will be featuring their best-selling model, JUMELLE backpack by Silverback goods.

So like us, you might be wondering what the word JUMELLE means. We found out that in French, JUMELLE meant two or twin. So to put it simply, the JUMELLE backpack represents the second design from Silverback Goods.


At first glance, a few words came to mind – clean minimalist design. Dubbed Silverback’s best-selling backpack, The JUMELLE backpack is designed to have a classic look with its all black exterior revealing only 2 silver buckles.

A classic and clean design like this allows room for versatility; making the JUMELLE ideal for the office, for a weekend out to your local cafe or for quick over-nighter. This backpack is packed with well thought of features.


One of the 4 guiding pillars of a SILVERBACK backpack is comfort and safety. 

The JUMELLE measures at 45cm (H) x 29cm (L) x 15cm (D). To me, this backpack is ideal for an average female frame. Over my back, the backpack fits comfortably and the base just touches lower waist line which is ideal. Not too big, not too small.

Shoulder straps are comfortably padded and the back is equipped with well ventilated padding. I have not tried travelling long haul with the JUMELLE backpack yet so I can’t quite comment on how well ventilated it is.

The JUMELLE backpack also comes with a luggage slot, making it travel friendly. There are also pockets on the straps for easy access cards like train or bus cards.

Another really cool feature especially if you are a frequent traveler is it’s safety features. The JUMELLE is designed with slash proof material! This anti-theft feature is extremely sought after in backpacks these days and the cool cats at Silverback have managed to incorporate this feature elegantly in the JUMELLE.

Besides this protective feature, the JUMELLE is also water resistant. What this means is that the material on the backpack is able to resist the penetration of water. So don’t get mixed up with water proof backpacks ya!

Another safety feature worth mentioning is the hidden zipper compartment located at the lower back of the backpack. Ideal for important travel documents, your wallet..etc.

Hidden zipper compartment located on the lower back perfect for travel documents and wallet

On the inside of the backpack, you’ll find a spacious interior with bright contrast lining to help locate your belongings easily. The bag comes with a detachable laptop sleeve which can be removed when you need more space. To secure it, the sleeve is easily fastened with 2 magnetic buttons.

Roomy interior with bright contrast lining

On its own, the laptop sleeve comes with 6 compartments (including the one that fits a 15″ laptop). With everything in one clear view, you can setup and pack up your work station in a jiffy.

Detachable laptop sleeve

Without the laptop sleeve, expect a roomy interior with another 7 pockets to help keep your organized. Can I just say that if you are someone who likes compartments, you are really gonna like this backpack because the entire bag has about 19 compartments/pockets in total.

More interior pockets

Other additional compartments include handy side pockets for a water bottle and an umbrella.

Side pockets for water bottle or umbrella

Check out full collection of Silverback Goods at Oribags!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    What material is this backpack made out of?


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