Ultimate Men’s Carry Essential


We sat down with a bunch of guys and asked them about their carry essentials. Basically bags, wallets, accessories…whatever it is they need to make their carry experience complete.

We compiled, summarised and so here ‘s the list of Top Men’s Carry Essentials (plus product suggestions too).



From the time you were allowed to handle money on your own and carry around your IC, your wallet was probably your very first carry essential. But a wallet isn’t just a piece of accessory you use to house your personal information and money. The kind of wallet you carry shows off your personality as well.


Whether you are a minimalist or a frequent traveler, there are options for you! So choose a wallet that’s right for you – classy leather, cool aluminium, rugged nylon and many more.  Check out Wallets.



Whether you’re a college student or a corporate high flyer, one of the most essential things you need is a reliable laptop bag. Let’s face it, your laptop is so important and its equally as important to ensure that you have a good bag to keep it safe.

Bobby Bizz Main Cover3-700x700

Besides ensuring that your laptop bag can keep your gear safe, one other feature that is often overlooked is comfort. Be sure your laptop bag feels comfortable when it’s fully loaded. The last thing you want is a back ache from a heavy backpack.



IMG_2426.jpgAn electronics organiser is an essential in any guy’s carry mix. Available in various sizes to suit your needs. No more scrambling around for cables, power banks, thumb drives and adaptors!



Shooting Ogon - Portrait -26/03/2016 - Portefeuille aluminium - Paris - France

With the amount of cards and papers we carry these days, its no wonder our wallets look like an over stuffed carry puff! We suggest to keep your essentials and supplementaries separate. Keep your wallet neat and clean (good Feng Shui la) – think minimalist and everything else like your business cards can go in a nifty card case. 



Next on our top list of men’s carry essentials is a tough casing for your phone. Everyone agreed that after buying yourself the latest smart phone, the next thing you need is a casing that can survive your lifestyle.





Nobody wants to have their house keys and car keys jiggling away in their pockets. Not only is it annoying, but its bulky and scratches everything it comes in contact with. The guys voiced a concern, and we provided a solution.

Lifestyle 2.0_Leather4

Get yourself a key organiser. No, not just a fancy keychain. Key organisers like Orbitkey and Liquid are designed to keep all you need in tact at minimal bulk. Plus, they look so darn cool.


So, what are your carry essentials? Discover more at www.oribags.com


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