The right way to wear a sling bag

Some people sling it across the back, some people wear it in the front. How you wear a sling bag has its benefits. The question is….is there really a right way to wear a sling bag? Here we’ll break down the most common and uncommon ways of wearing a sling bag.



This is probably the most conventional (not to mention comfortable) way of wearing a sling bag. Depending on the size of your sling bag, wearing over your back has its benefits.

Firstly, it gives you the freedom to move about. If your way of commuting is via a bicycle or a motorcycle, then wearing it over the back is probably the safest. But if you walk a lot and worry about the safety of your gear then its best to ensure that your bag comes with the right anti theft features like the Alpaka Go Sling Pro or these sling packs from Pacsafe.


For something more formal and ideal for work, you can check out the Thule Crossover Sling Pack -A Comfortable, lightweight sling for quick access to your gear and electronics while on the go. Plus it holds up to a 13″ MacBook Pro or PC.


For a more casual setting, like a walk about town or heading for drinks with friends, you can wear you sling bag lose. Its easy going and relaxed.



If your sling bag is compact enough, wearing it close has 2 major benefits. No1. You can be sporty with it. If you’re planing to go for a run or get some workout outdoors, a compact sling worn close to your body works perfectly. No2. You can wear it underneath a jacket for extra safety when travelling. The Alpaka Air Sling does a great job in this area because its compact and is equipped with anti theft features.



Let’s face it, if you wore your fanny pack across the front about two decades ago, you would look like you were trying to be funny. And to be honest, no one ever made cool looking sling bags back then. These days, sling bags are not only designed to be functional but fashionable as well.


But wearing it across the front isn’t style sense gone wrong anymore. Apparently, these days, over the fashion hubs of New York, Paris and Japan, sling bags are designed to be worn in front. Firstly, it’s a safety move. It’s easy to keep an eye on your bag if you’re in a crowded space. Secondly, it’s easier to access your things. Check out the NIID Fino Sling Cross Body Chest Pack




Dubbed the fanny pack, wearing it on the waist was the way to go two decades ago. When I was in the Events industry back then, the waist pouch was the most important bag! It was functional and could carry all my essentials without weighing me down.

Though not as popular and fashionable these days, wearing it on the waist still has its age-old benefits. A waist pouch/bag is perfect for traveling. You let your hips do the work and leave no strain on your back or shoulders. No 2. You carry only what you need.

Check out the Pacsafe Vibe 100 Anti Theft Hip Pack – The perfect size for your passport, keys, wallet and even a 7in tablet, all with quick access and packed with anti-theft features, make the Vibe 100 anti-theft hip pack ideal for those always on the go.


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