A wallet that can hide your money?

From the looks of the title, you must think that there’s something a little shady about this wallet. A wallet that can hide your money? Why would I even need to hide my own money? We’ll get to that later. This added feature to your wallet will surely be a useful advantage. I’m sure most…

8 Female Friendly Laptop Bags

Not all bags are created equal and not all bags are unisex! We’ve looked around and found 8 super female friendly laptop bags

Ultimate Men’s Carry Essential

We sat down with a bunch of guys and asked them about their carry essentials. Basically bags, wallets, accessories…whatever it is they need to make their carry experience complete. We compiled, summarised and so here ‘s the list of Top Men’s Carry Essentials (plus product suggestions too). WALLET From the time you were allowed to handle…

Fantastic Birthday Gift Ideas

Perfume? A bottle of wine? A watch? If you’re running out of ideas for a birthday gift, we’ve got some really cool ideas for you.   LIQUID WALLET & KEY ORGANIZER MATTE BLACK (BRASS SCREWS) The Carbon Liquid Wallet is for those who want only the absolute essentials when they head out the door, and…

Does your wallet “Spark Joy” in your life?

Did you know that according to the art and science of Feng Shui, your wallet plays a big role in attracting wealth? So you mean you have to #KonMari your wallet too? The answer is yes.